Songs Of The Savior I

In the family’s first album, Songs of the Savior Volume I, Morgan and James Garrett join forces to bring you a musical masterpiece to share their testimony of Jesus Christ. This first album in the wonderful Songs of the Savior series is a work of art that will spiritually uplift and inspire.

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Individual Tracks

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Track 1 - Learn of Me

Track 2 - Window to His Love

Track 3 - Warriors of Light

Track 4 - He's There for You

Track 5 - The Savior of the World

Track 6 - His Hands

Track 7 - No Other Name

Track 8 - I Want To Be An Angel From Heaven

Track 9 - My Hands

Track 10 - Another Witness

Track 11 - The Test

Track 12 - Greater Love

Track 13 - Never A Better Hero

Track 14 - Lord I Would Follow Thee